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Some programs are only approved for broadcasting in the US and are not available in the Caribbean or Latin America. Others receive approval after they broadcast in the US. We are always working to provide more US programming and are happy to add additional programming when it becomes available.

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No. We do not require you to sign a contract.

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These are the banks we currently have accounts with:

Windward Island Bank (WIB): USD account 21644805 – ANG account 21644903
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC): USD account 8200000403904468 – ANG account 8200000005908197

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We are committed to offering as much English-language programming in our line-up as possible.  However, due to copyright issues and our location in the Caribbean, we are often considered a part of the Latin American Region and therefore receive programming in Spanish.  The language distribution for our overall channel selection is 80% English and 20% Spanish, and we are constantly improving our programming to provide adequate options for all our viewers.

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You may make payments at the following locations:
  • At Our Business Office: See a customer service representative at our Madame Estate Office to pay by Debit Card, Credit Card (not American Express or Diners), cash or local check. Currency accepted: Antillean Guilders or U.S. Dollars.
  • Check Payment Drop Box: There is a payment slot located on the left of the main entrance of the Madame Estate Office. Your check payment with payment coupon in an envelope can be dropped off at any time. Your account number and telephone number should be indicated on the check and the envelope.
  • Bank Payment: Payments may be made at any Windward Island Bank or Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) bank location. Your Cable TV Subscriber account number must be given to the bank teller.
  • Online Bank Payment: Subscribers with accounts at Windward Island Bank or Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), may sign up with their bank for the online system and simply select their Cable TV account when making a payment.
  • The Mail Box at La Palapa in Simpson Bay:  Types of Payments- Cash, Debit and Credit Cards (excluding Diners and American Express).
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When agreements for previously offered channels become available, we will consider adding them to the line-up. We are always looking for new programming to enhance our current selection and offer the most options to our viewers.

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Our office in Madame Estate accepts payments by debit card, major credit cards with the exception of American Express or Diners, cash or local check.
Currency accepted: Antillean Guilders or U.S. Dollars. Drop Box payments must be paid by check.

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No. Unfortunately we stopped the Fun Miles program in May 2017

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You can log on to your account to see your balance and your account status. Click on this link my-account and follow the steps to log on. If you do not have an email address on file, you will not be able to get a recovery password. Please contact customer service at 542-4361 or send an email to: sxmcatvcustomercare@telemgroup.sx for more information.

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Yes, we air local and regional programming on Channel 115, TV15 and Channel 120, Special events.
Please see information on Ch. 115 and 120 here

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Information about our rates and packages is available right here on our website. Click here to view the PDF Pricing Sheet. You can also stop by our business office in Madame Estate and we will be happy to show you your options.
Alternatively you can send an email to sxmcatvcustomercare@telegroup.sx

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ESPN Play is an extra service of ESPN for live programming that is not available on ESPN Caribbean Ch. 209 or ESPN2 Ch. 213. The service is only available online therefore a fast and reliable internet service is needed. ESPN Play offers up to five (5) windows of live events.
ESPN Play can be accessed by logging into your cable TV account my-account. Once you are logged into your account, click on the ESPN Play button and enjoy!
Note: Your account status has to be active in order to access the ESPN Play service.

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The Interactive Guide by Rovi, allows customers to view digital cable TV program information in a variety of formats – from listings to detailed information about specific shows. By using the digital remote, you can see what’s happening on a specific digital cable TV program, and view in-depth TV program information at the same time. You can also list digital cable TV programs by “themes” or categories such as football or cooking.
The digital guide is also available online. Just click this link for more information. channel-guide The online guide has up to three weeks of information.

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We are committed to making your service experience a smooth one. Please assist us by bringing the following documents with you when applying for Cable services:

  • Valid Identification
  • Proof of Address: If you are renting, have your landlord complete and sign this “Landlord/Owner Building Attachment” form. If you are the owner of the property, please complete the form as well and sign the Owner/Landlord Part only.

Note: We recommend that names of the persons authorized to conduct transactions be provided at the time you apply for service*

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High Speed Internet (6)

Yes, our telephone helpdesk can be reached 24/7 at +1 721 543-0037.

You can sign up for CableNet at our business office in Madame Estate.
For more information, please call our office at 542-4361, during business hours Monday to Friday. Email inquiries can also be sent to sxmcatvcustomerservice@telemgroup.sx

CableNet service is available at different speeds and with options for both Residential and Business customers. Please see our rates page for more information.

Cable Internet refers to the delivery of internet service over the cable network. A cable modem is used to transfer data signal using unused bandwidth on a cable television network.

For residential service speeds, Please Click here.
For business service speeds, Please Click here.

The advantages of Cable Internet are:
  • Convenience: You are always connected to the internet. Unlike dial-up modems, cable modems make it possible to always be online, without tying up phone lines. Cable Internet works through the cable wires, just as our television sets work, to provide the fast and reliable service everyone looks for in an Internet connection.
  • Does not affect your phone line: You don’t need to switch your local phone service provider. In fact, Cable Internet connections do not even require a phone line — so it is the perfect option for those who have traded in their landlines for wireless systems.
  • Connection speed is not affected by the distance from ISP operation center: Cable Internet service does not degrade based on increased distance.
  • Consistency and reliability: Cable Internet is considered the most consistent and reliable of Internet connections.

High Speed Internet
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