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High Speed Internet (6)

Yes, our telephone helpdesk can be reached 24/7 at +1 721 543-0037.

You can sign up for CableNet at our business office in Madame Estate.
For more information, please call our office at 542-4361, during business hours Monday to Friday. Email inquiries can also be sent to sxmcatvcustomerservice@telemgroup.sx

CableNet service is available at different speeds and with options for both Residential and Business customers. Please see our rates page for more information.

Cable Internet refers to the delivery of internet service over the cable network. A cable modem is used to transfer data signal using unused bandwidth on a cable television network.

For residential service speeds, Please Click here.
For business service speeds, Please Click here.

The advantages of Cable Internet are:
  • Convenience: You are always connected to the internet. Unlike dial-up modems, cable modems make it possible to always be online, without tying up phone lines. Cable Internet works through the cable wires, just as our television sets work, to provide the fast and reliable service everyone looks for in an Internet connection.
  • Does not affect your phone line: You don’t need to switch your local phone service provider. In fact, Cable Internet connections do not even require a phone line — so it is the perfect option for those who have traded in their landlines for wireless systems.
  • Connection speed is not affected by the distance from ISP operation center: Cable Internet service does not degrade based on increased distance.
  • Consistency and reliability: Cable Internet is considered the most consistent and reliable of Internet connections.

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High Speed Internet
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