Additional Areas Are Now On

The following areas are now on:

  • Node 27 – St. Peters Main Road (St. Peters Main Rd, Lemon, Genip, Tangerine, Strawberry, Raspberry. Grapefruit, Lime).
  • Node 28 – St. Peters across from the basketball court (St. Peter Main Road, Apricot, Pomserette, Avocado, Tangerine, Sugar Apple, Passion Fruit, Retreat, Honey Dew, Lime and Cantaloupe Road).
  • Node 4 – Guana Bay Entrance (Hope Estate Rd, Hope Estate Drive, Guana Bay Main Rd, Merite Shell Dr., imperial Shell Dr., Bonnet Shell Dr., Luncine Shell Dr., Experiment Estate, Pica Shell Dr.)
  • Node 14 – Upper Sucker Garden and St. James Estate
  • Node 12 – Part of Arch Rd and Sucker Garden (Arch/Sucker Garden Rd, Pendant Cactus, Crown Cactus, Clae Cactus, Oragan Pipe Cactus Road)
  • Node 33 – Philipsburg, Cannegieter Street.  Fort Willem (lower part of backstreet, Walter Nisbeth Road, Percy Labega Street, Manzanilla Steeg, Krythoffsteeg, PrakizijnSteeg, John Richardson Rd, Tamarind Steeg, SmalleSteeg, Vissersteeg, Acher Street, Ruben Pantophlet Street, O’Nash Jones Street, ArmenhuisSteeg, Sisal Steeg, The Cemetary area, Fort Willem Drive/Rd, Fort Hill Rd, Spanish Fort Rd, Spanish Fort Dr. Little Bay Road).
  • Node 10 – Philipsburg Methodist Church area (St. Jan, Afloop, Groene, Apothen, Hotel, Lood, Korte, HensyBeuajon, Smid, Pomp, Weduwen, Shijwerken, Drukken, Visser, Cyrus, Wilhemina, Apotheken, VavRamond, Nisbeth, D.C., Steeg Part of Cannegieter Street, Part of Back Street, Part of Front Street.
  • Node 3 – Guana Bay, Over the hill (Guana Bay Dr., Guana Bay, Ivory Shell, Canoe, Queen Conch Shell, Ark Shell, Guy Estate, Pen Shell and Carved Road, Trition Shell Dr.)
  • Node 2 – Dawn Beach Area (Dawn Beach Estate, Red Pond, Ocean View Terrace, Tamarind Estate)

Currently 65 channels from the various packages are showing. Customers have the option to wait until all our channels are back up to reconnect. It should be noted that once the customer agrees to reconnect, no further credits will be applicable for missing channels. The updated listing of channels that are on and other important updates will be published on our website and Face Book page on a regular basis and customers are encouraged to visit these sites: or our Facebook Page:

If your area is reported back up, your cable box is plugged in and you are seeing the guide, you most likely just need to have your account reconnected. Sometimes plugging the power cord of the Cable Box out and back in so that it can initialize is recommended. If you are not seeing anything, then a service call will have to be scheduled since there may be a problem with the equipment on your street or with your connection. For our CableNet service, if your modem is plugged in but not all your modem lights are on, you also need a service. In all three instances communication to the office should be made.

Our office in Madame Estate is opened from 8:15 am to 4:45 pm. Customers can also call our office on telephone number 542-4361 during the afore mentioned office hours. Communication can also be sent to e-mail:
We are recommending that communication to our office whenever possible be sent via email since we will be inundated with calls for the next couple of weeks.

Kindly indicate the following important information in the email:
– Cable TV Account Number
– Account Holder Name
– Contact Number(s)
– As much information related to the outage

We thank you for your patience during this restorations phase.

Published Date: 4th October 2017
Category: General
St. Maarten Cable Tv