Why do I have to reconnect?

Disconnection was done following Hurricane Irma and Maria so that the applicable Hurricane credit can be processed on the subscriber account. Following this process, all St. Maarten Cable TV Subscribers will have to request for their services to be reconnected.

What Channels are on?

Currently 65 channels are on from the various cable TV packages with more coming back on within the next couple of weeks. Subscribers have the option to wait until all the channels are back up to reconnect. It should be noted that once the customer agrees to reconnect, no further credits will be issued for missing channels.


Where can I get information?

Updated listing of channels that are on and other important information are being published regularly on our website under the “Media” tab and our Face Book page: StMaartenCable



How to check to see if my services are working?

It is recommended to unplug the power cord of the cable box then plug it back in. If you are seeing the TV guide, you most likely need to have your account reconnected. If you have a blank screen, then a service call will have to be scheduled. For our CableNet (internet) service, if your modem is plugged in but not all your modem lights are on, you also need a service. In all three instances communication to the office should be made.



How to get in contact with St. Maarten Cable TV?

Our office in Madame Estate is opened from 8:15 am to 4:45 pm Mondays to Fridays.   On weekends and holidays, we offer assistance over the phone: 721-542-4361 from 8:00 am to noon. Communication can also be sent to e-mail:
We are recommending that communication to our office whenever possible be sent via email since we will be inundated with calls for the next couple of weeks.


What information is needed for reporting of outage via email?

The following important information should be sent to email address: :

Cable TV account number, account holder name, land line or cell number(s) and as much details related to the outage.

Any other inquiries or information can also be sent to the above email address.


What is my account balance?

The fastest and easiest way for subscribers to check their account balance is by going to our website: , selecting the “My Account” Tab and follow the instructions to log on. Customers can also request this via email, come in to our Madame Estate Office during office hours or call 721-542-4361.


We thank you for your patience during this restoration phase.

Published Date: 12th October 2017
Category: General
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